Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So I know that it has been a while since i updated my blog, I really should be better about that, it's just that every time I would sit down to my computer with the thought of updating my blog, I really didn't feel like writing. I promise that I will be better about updating in the future. This post will probably be pretty long seems as how its been like 2 weeks since my last post, even though that time has gone by really quickly.

Ok as you can probably guess by the title, last week I started school. School here is really different than in America. It's more similar to how college scheduling works, where you don't have the same classes every day. Also, when there are free periods you're allowed to leave the school. The first and second periods are combined to make one 90 minute period, then a 20 minute break, then the third and fourth periods are combined for another 90 minute period, then another 20 minute break, then 3 45 minute periods. I have a lot of free periods because I was not able to take French or Latin because I have never taken those, so they just gave me free periods instead, so I ended up with 2 days with 3 free periods, 1 with two free periods and 1 day with 1. So for example on Monday's I go to school at 8:00 AM and am Home by 11:30 AM, because I have the last 3 periods of the day free. I have to say I really like this format for scheduling better than the way we do it back in New York. Unfortunately I can't understand anything that the teachers are saying, unless it's in English class. For the most part in school I just kinda sit there doing nothing, trying to translate what the teachers or saying or any handouts that we get in class. I have a very strong feeling that I am not going to learn anything much the first couple months of school, but I knew that even before I got here. For some reason this week a lot of my teachers weren't there in class, so a couple of the classes got cancelled, and some of the others were with different teachers. Overall I'd say that school is pretty good, I really like how I don't have to go as much as I did back in the States.

Other than school I haven't been doing that much during the week. For some reason last Tuesday we didn't have school, so I met up with some of the kids from my school and we went on a little sightseeing tour around Berlin. Berlin is a really great city, It's very different from New York and most of the other cities in America. I might have already talked about this I don't remember whether or not I did, but Berlin really doesn't have any skyscrapers like most of the cities back in America do. It's a lot of older style smaller buildings, but the City is huge area wise. It's a really beautiful city too, there are parts of it that don't look so great, but there are some building like the Berliner Dom that are just so amazing.

On the last two weekends I've met up with some of the other exchange students who are staying in Berlin. It's really awesome to hang out with them cause they're all really cool, and also they know like exactly what you're going through because they've done it themselves before (and they also speak english :D) I've also gone to a party at one of the kids in my school's house which was alot of fun.

Ok well for some reason this post has taken me 3 days to write because I keep getting distracted while I'm writing it, so I'm just going to post it, I'm sure that i forgot something that I wanted to say, but i can always add that later.

miss all of you!


P.S. My host brothers Benedict and Julius are the most amazing people in the world and should be given Noble Prizes for their lives. (good enough?)

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  1. You should use those free periods to study some german
    sounds like block schedualing to me, is it? I personally think it's a good idea for schooling.
    Glad you're having fun there. Best of luck and all.

    ~Michael P. Sterlacci Jr