Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First days

So its almost ten thirty here in germany which is really strange, seems as how my body thinks its only 430 cause i havent adjusted to berlin time yet. That really hurt me last night when i couldnt fall asleep til 630-7 am, but heh atleast i was able to see the sunrise through my window. The past two days have just been more settling in and not really doing much, but when you sleep til 2-230 there isnt much time left in the day. Yesterday I got up and ate breakfast/lunch which here in germany consists of Rolls with like jam, JIF, nutella, honey, butter or like meat and cheese. One of the things that ive noticed so far is that i really haven't been hungry since i've gotten here. I don't know whether that's due to nerves or the time adjustment or whatnot, but i really have not been eating that much which is strange because i usually eat a good 6 meals a day at home. I went to the gym yesterday with my host brother, and we took the bus there, the buses are really wierd cause its like 2.10 euro for a ticket that only lets you go one way on the bus line for 2 hours. We tried to get back the other way using the same ticket but the driver saw :P. So we came back and ate dinner (italian pasta) and then i tried to go to sleep, which didnt really work as I stated earlier. We didn't really do that much today but we did try and go down to the local government office to get my residency form filled out but they were closed, and we opened a bank account too. I start language school tomorrow which is good, but its a four hour long lesson so thats kind of daunting. It's good that I learn as much as i can before i start school on Monday, but four hours is still kind of long.

I'm going to go see if i can actually sleep tonight seems as how it is 11:00 pm here but i don't know how that is going to work out.

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