Thursday, August 13, 2009


Hey everybody, just wanted to have a post to introduce myself. My name is Chris, I am a 16 year exchange student from Long Island, going to live in Germany for the year (hence the title of the blog.) I will be staying in Berlin, more specifically in Zehlendorf, an area about 15 kms south east of the teirgarten. I leave in just 9 days!! I am busy packing, shopping, cleaning my room up for the girl from venezuela living with my real family while im gone, and, oh yea, attempting to learn some german. My knowledge of the language is little to none (i had to use babelfish to get the word in the title for introduction >.<) but a very gracious couple has been tutoring me for the last couple of weeks. I'll update more when it gets more interesting, but for now I figured that an introduction would suffice.


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